My teaching philosphy can be summed up in 3 words.

Learning by example

"I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it." - Morpheus, The Matrix


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Introduction to MVC

Introduction to Visual Web JSF Framework

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User Interface Design by Garret Dimon (PDF 8.34MB)

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The Nutty Professor Where's the professor? Imagine Cup 2008 Facebook App Demo Java Visual Web JSF Java Exercise

personal learnings

  1. More intense training. I still felt I was lax with the class.
  2. More assignments. More machine problems. More problem solving. More hackathons/codefests. I was always hesitant that they might not be able to do it. So I kept on lowering the BAR. I should reverse this thinking. MORE.
  3. Create an atmosphere of incentives for good work. I gave away Starbucks gift certs for the best works. I should give away more rewards.
  4. Part of classroom management is to get the students passionate about learning. My goal is to increase their LOVE for learning than just passing the course.
  5. Don't be afraid to FAIL students. Students shouldn't be afraid of FAILING. FAILING is part of life. It's the getting up that counts.
  6. Put the students in more position to take risks, commit mistakes, learn from mistakes, make decisions and stand for/defend it.
  7. VISION Casting works wonders. Every meeting should be a vision casting moment to propel the students to achieve their dreams.



  1. Submission of work should be web-based to get the students to be familiar with the full spectrum of technical training (signing up for a hosting service, setup & configuration, building up content, content maintenance, security, etc.) This will make them more resourceful.
  2. Projects should have an international appeal and not just a school gig.
  3. Always create a main project public site for the students to show the world. It also ups the ante of excellence because it's for the world to see and they have their names (reputation) attached to it. Not just a private school project that no one will ever see.

    To pass the course, the students have to have a project to showcase. I recommend individual effort.
  4. Train students for web services (APIs) because this is a prevailing trend now. Have them create applications to talk to the teacher's API. Grading can be based on how much transaction is done by their application to the teacher's API.

    * API - Application Programming Interface
  5. Expose the students to social media and the global participatory culture as early as possible. They have to stop living in a bubble. They have to start thinking like technologists. Instead of an oral exam, let them do a videocast and post it in YouTube like this one.
  6. I recommend that students to be given the opportunity to make money as early as possible. Learn e-commerce. Do electronic financial transactions. To drive away the fear of doing business online.
  7. Students have to clearly see the vision of themselves doing their own start-ups rather than enjoying a 9-to-6 job with a boss.
  8. Design appreciation should be ingrained from day 1. Even if the students are not designers, their eyes should be trained to know the difference between a pretty design and an ugly one.
  9. Join more programming contests. Imagine Cup can accomodate more than 1 participant per school. Why not hold a mini-competition among the IM groups and send the top groups to join the contests.
  10. It is optimal for the Lab meetings to be twice a week (1 and half hours long). I feel this will set the pace for productivity and more projects to be done outside of class.

what is the ruckus all about?

UPDATE: I am now LEVEL 5 despite not submitting the University Diploma. People should be able to impart even without a College degree, don't you think? Steve Jobs & Bill Gates don't have one.

This is David Quitoriano's LEVEL 1 LEVEL 5 (yey!) teaching portfolio as a requirement by the College of Saint Benilde for clearance purposes (and before they release the final moolah). We, subservient folks, dare not NOT comply so here goes.

I am hereby condemned by The College of Saint Benilde to LEVEL 1 until I submit my University diploma in which I will still have to claim it at my alma mater, University of Santo Tomas or from Recto diploma mill (whichever comes first).

Dave, who?

Bro Andy!Dave Q is an Internet pioneer, geek, technologist, and product designer. In his past life, he started with some college friends. Since then, he has been a serial enterpreneur building and selling more startups.

His desire to reach out to the academe stems from his frustration with sub-standard graduates' frame of thinking (in his opinion). His mission is to try to reverse the growing trend of our "nation of employees".

When not infront of his computer, you can catch Dave riding his bike on the trails. He is also a frustrated gardener. UPDATE: He is now an avid runner and hopes to run the New York Marathon soon.

He lives in Pasig with his lovely wife, Marites and their children, Carissa, Joshua, Anton & Ethne. He'd wish he was connected to the Net intraveneously 24/7. You can watch his online life here. Feel free to drop him a note. Just don't let him fix your computer.